At iPark, we pay attention to the details. After all, it’s the details that shape the user experience. And the user experience of your garage/structure or event begins and ends with parking.

With nearly 20 years of experience, iPark—a WBE Certified business in Indiana and Indianapolis—owns and operates  parking facilities throughout Central Indiana. Additionally, we share our parking management expertise with companies through a portfolio of services:

Parking Management

We provide every level of support you may need to effectively manage your parking structure or surface lot.


We regularly consult companies on parking management needs.


Whether your event is one night or several weeks, we can provide a full range of services to ensure parking is safely and efficiently managed.


When we lease spaces, we also manage staff, oversee parking programs and provide cleaning and maintenance.

A positive parking experience

Whether we’re managing a parking structure, advising on the selection or design of one, or consulting on parking management for an upcoming event, our goal is always the same: create a positive parking experience that allows visitors to navigate safely and easily.

Concierge-level service

With a laser focus on creating positive user experiences, iPark stands apart in the industry with our concierge level of service. Partner with us today to find out how iPark can help your facility/event parking stand out as a sure winner.

Reserve your parking spot today

Our locations provide close, affordable parking to major venues around Greater Indianapolis. You can reserve your spot online, or you can purchase a parking package—giving you a guaranteed space in the same lot!